COE Mechanics Seminar Series

COE Mechanics Seminar Series

The College of Engineering Mechanics Seminar Series (CoE MSS) at Georgia Tech is an interdisciplinary forum for mechanics and materials colloquia that began in the 1967-68 academic year. The seminars focus on the mechanics, physics, and mathematics of material behaviors, structure-property relations, and structural response. A wide range of scales are considered, including structural, mesoscopic, microscopic, and atomistic. Speakers are invited from academia, industry, and government laboratories in the United States and around the world, hosted by faculty members from participating schools. The series is jointly sponsored by the Dean’s Office of the College of Engineering, the School of Materials Science and Engineering, the School of Aerospace Engineering, the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering.

If you are interested in inviting a speaker to give a CoE SMSS seminar, please contact Dr. Ting Zhu (Director for the seminar series) at or 404-894-6597, with the name of the speaker, institution, title of talk, and a proposed date. Also, please complete the speaker request form and send the form along with the requested information specified on the form electronically to the director so the date can be finalized and the seminar announcement can be prepared. In addition to the seminar, CoE MSS speakers are typically scheduled to meet with CoE faculty in 30-60 minute time slots on the day of the seminar. Please work with the COE MSS coordinator so that all interested faculty can be accommodated. You can contact the coordinator, Essie Reynolds, at 404-385-1111 or send an email to

The host of a seminar has the option of taking the guest speaker to lunch and dinner with a limit of four participants, including host and speaker. Please see the host memorandum for meal limitations. The coordinator will also make hotel reservations for the speaker, orders refreshments for the seminar, and processes reimbursements for the speaker’s travel expenses.

CoE MSS Seminars are usually held in Room 4211 of the MRDC Building. This room seats up to 50 people and is equipped with state-of-the-art projection equipment including an LCD projector, a computer stand, a laser pointer with remote projection control, and an overhead projector. Seminar rooms in other buildings, such as the Love, the GTMI, and the AE buildings can also be used.

More details can be obtained by contacting Dr. Zhu or the MSS coordinator, Essie Reynolds, at 404-385-1111 or send an email to